Our Team

Earl E. Braun, Jr.  – Senior Cost Analyst 

Mr. Braun has been principal-in-charge of over 2,000 renovated and completed facilities of varying sizes and scope over the last forty-five years.  He specializes in cost-effective design and provides a high level of experience in renovation and adaptive reuse projects.


Texas A&M University:

  • Bachelor in Science, Mechanical Engineering, 1964
  • Bachelor in Business Administration, General Business, 1963

Donald M. Savage – Senior Plans Reviewer 

Mr. Savage was in-charge of over 150 projects involving [design, construction, and renovation] at various locations throughout the United States and overseas.  His experience includes specification writing, design, construction management, and inspection.  He possesses thirty years of experience in the construction industry and has extensive experience in all phases of development and construction.  Construction Management and/or Inspections in the United State include Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and California.


Texas A&M University:

  •  MA College of Architecture Urban & Regional Planning, 1970
  • BA Government, 1968

Texas A&M University Post Graduate Grant Projects-1968-1970

City Master Planner Eagle Pass, Texas.

Comprehensive Regional Development Plan-East Texas.

HUD Model City Program

Lydia K. Persky – Project Manager

Mrs. Persky has been working for Intervest Engineering since 2011; has approximately eight years of management and coordination experience with Lenders and Design Consultants. Some of her main responsibilities include preparing AE reports, preparing Site Visit reports, reviewing Pre-App plans and preparing Pre-App Reports, creating schedules and project timeline, setting up project conference calls, monitoring project/reports progress, creating and regularly updating Project Checklists, ensuring that all projects are delivered on-time, and reviewing all architect, engineer, contractor submittals and quality control of Plans and Specifications. She helps ensures compliance with HUD criteria and underwriting requirements.


University of Mary Hardin-Baylor:

  • Bachelor in Theology and Philosophy

Lu-Chun, Chen (Kimmy)

Mrs. Chen has been working for Intervest Engineering since 2012; has approximately seven years of cost, plans, and specifications review experience.  She worked as a Cost Analyst for approximately 3 years. Currently, she works closely with the Lenders, Owners, Architects, and Energy Consultants on reviewing Plans, Specifications, preparing AE/ Cost reports, reviewing Pre-App Plans, preparing Pre-App reports, preparing closing reports, Site Visit Reports, CNA E-Tools, and reviewing MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium) Reduction related documents to ensure compliance with HUD criteria and underwriting requirements.


Dallas Baptist University:

  • Master in Project Management
  • Master in Marketing
  • Advanced Certificate program in Leadership Studies

Jia Liu (Karen)

Mrs. Liu has been working with Intervest Engineering since 2015. Her experience includes: Consult with Lender, Underwriter, Contractor, Owners, Architects in preparation of cost documents for compliance with HUD/MAP criteria; prepare all HUD/MAP forms and documentation; coordinate with participants in the loan transition: Lender, AE Consultant, appraiser, borrower, contractor, management/operating company, design/supervisory architect.

Dallas Baptist University:

  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Master Arts in Management
  • Advanced Certificate program in Project Management

Kevin L. Williams

Mr. Williams has been working with Intervest Engineering since August 2017.  Spent 28 years as a NASA contractor at Johnson Space Center in Houston (McDonnell Douglas, Rockwell Space Operations Company, and United Space Alliance).  Positions held include Orbit Flight Design Flight Design Analyst, Mission Designer, Software Principle Engineer, Software Project Lead, Supervisor, and Columbia Recovery Team Representative.  Worked 3.5 years in Dallas assisting with Industrial Plant design/development/modification plans and related products (Applied Control Technology and CYMI Industrial).  Providing periodic assistance to RMS Engineers (Rand, McDonald, and Schieber) in Dallas regarding Industrial Plant designs, drawings, and site inspections.



  • BS in Aeronautical Engineering 1984

Philip Bachelder

Mr. Bachelder has worked as an engineer or relevant experience with the State of Alaska, DOT & PF as Engineering Technician from 1986 to 1988 (Summers), Shannon & Wilson, Inc. as Engineer in 1990, U.S. Public Health Service as Engineering Technician in 1993 to 1994, and U.S. Census Burea as Field Representative in 1996.  Additional work experience was with the State of Alaska, Dept. of Fish & Game as Technician in 1983 to 1985 (Summers).  For many years he worked internationally in small group communication and training.


University of Alaska:

  • B.S. in Civil Engineering 1990

Grace Schmidt 

Ms. Schmidt started working for Intervest Engineering at the end of May. After graduating from West Texas A&M University in 2016,  she worked as an Assistant Manager at a retail store for over 2 ½ years and through her job their gained experience in customer service, conflict resolution and time management skills. Her responsibilities at Intervest include managing and scheduling conference calls, working on reports for various projects and taking on other various responsibilities throughout the office.


Texas A&M Commerce:

  • Master in Health Promotion Program

West Texas A&M University:

  • Bachelor in Psychology